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Whale Bathtub Toy

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Bring the sea to the bath.

For your child’s amusement, one of the planet’s largest creatures shrinks down to the size of a bathtub. This spray-and-light-flashing wonder will grab your child’s attention and create wonders. Why aren’t you using this whale in the tub? Purchase a few and toss them into your swimming pool or a large water fountain (after all, all you need is water to activate the toy). It’s ideal for parties or outdoor gatherings. Leakage into the toy’s battery compartment is prevented by a seal ring.

Key Features

  • Built-in light that shines seven distinct colors.
  • The light automatically changes colors.
  • Two water sensors generate a delightful spray of fountain-like water from the whale’s nozzle on the top.

How to operate

  • Operated by three AAA batteries.
  • When you remove the whale out from the tub’s water, the toy automatically turns off (thanks to the water sensors).


  • AAA batteries not included.
  • Comes in a box.

7 reviews for Whale Bathtub Toy

  1. Matthew D.

    Received today looks like in great condition, haven’t used it yet so I hope it works

  2. Kevin P.

    This thing is great!!!! He’s too beautiful. It lights up in several colors and throws small jets of water, my adored baby and me too. It’s crazy for the price to receive a toy of such good quality. Buy without hesitation!!!! I received it super well packaged and quickly thank you very much to the store!

  3. F.

    Great toy! Works with sensors and makes a pretty high fountain, so not for very small tubs.

  4. Dylan H.

    It’s bigger than I thought, it’s pretty. Hopefully it works well, at bath time we’ll try it

  5. Ігор Б.

    The toy is not bad, the child really liked. But I thought that she still Mees, it turned out that there is no (((

  6. Kenneth D.

    amazing product thankyou ❤️ can’t wait to used it , my 8 wks daughter will love it

  7. Ян Щ.

    Cool toy! The children are delighted with 2 and 4,5 years.

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